“True World” Madeintyo

Skrrt Skrrt

Madeintyo releases his project “True World” which is the predecessor to Tyo’s “Thank You, Mr. Tokyo.” This marks Tyo’s third album release and he is yet to let the fans down in terms of quality.

Tyo has always been one of those artists that everyone kind of pushes to the back of the crowd; not because his music is bad but because his music is indifferent to the norm of what is current day rap. Tyo has established himself as a rapper that sets himself apart by focusing solely on the quality of his art rather than how hard the bass of a track hits. Tyo’s most popular track is “Uber Everywhere” which grew in popularity due to rap superstar Travis Scott giving the song a remix but that does not leave the quality of the track unheard of. Check it out below


Madeintyo’s “True World” is no stranger to what his die-hard fans expect of his music and the precedent he has set with his previous songs. Tyo emphasizes through this album that he is a prominent artist in the industry that is not afraid to tackle some of the more unusual beats that are made. Check the album out for yourself down below.

Let us know what you think of the artist’s work. Do you think he delivered with this album? What do you think Madeintyo could’ve done differently to improve his work?

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