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Travis Scott’s “AstroWorld” or collab album feat. Quavo?


As of recent there has been much speculation over which album Travis Scott, the two time RIAA certified platinum recording artist is going to drop in the coming weeks. Will it be the long-awaited “AstroWorld” which will be the prodigal child of Scott’s “Rodeo” project? Or will it be the hyped collaboration album between Migos member Quavo and Scott?

Scott and Quavo both have hinted multiples times via Twitter exclaiming that the collab project between the two will be dropped in the very near future but there has been no confirmation from the two or their partners for a release date or a clarification on which album will be released itself. Scott himself seems to be confused as to which album will be released first; free-styling during a concert explicitly saying “…which album I’ma drop I don’t know…” check it out below.

However, Scott has promised his fans “AstroWorld” will come soon amidst the growing hype of the collaboration project. Scott’s fans rave that the rapper will take more time to perfect the song of “AstroWorld”; believing that his platinum certified album “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight” was a rushed project when juxtaposed to the highly popular debut album of the artist “Rodeo.” Scott goes further with his fans teasing 3 songs that are believed to be on the upcoming solo album; “A-man” “Green & Purple ft. Playboi Carti” and the extremely popular “Butterfly Effect.”

All is “just talk of the town” but both projects will surely be some of the best albums to come as of late 2017 entering into 2018. What do you think? Which album do you believe will be released first? Do you have a favorite between the two? Let us know in the comments below.

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