Watch Harry Styles Cover Kanye’s Ultralight Beam At Secret Show

He has ascended to a new level.

I’m a believer in Harry Styles. Who says you can’t go from boy band to rockstar? He will be the Justin Timberlake of rock and roll. With the release of his solo debut self-titled album, Harry is looking for the attention beam to be on him. How about an ultralight beam of attention if you cover Kanye at your first ever solo concert?

The show took place in London at The Garage on May 13th, the day after he dropped his album. “This is my first show in a long time,” he said to the crowd. “My first show ever. So it’s a night I won’t forget and I thank you very much for being here with me.” He played the song halfway through his set and turned it into a guitar infused stew of satisfaction.

You can heck out Harry Styles cover Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” and album stream below.

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