Fresh Take

Shepard Amongst Sheep

The Atlanta DIY star let his focus and ground work guide him.



Atlanta’s native, and proclaimed DIY Pioneer has done it one again with his debut 20 track album There’s Really A Wolf.

Former independent artist Russ Vitale has prepped fans in 2016 with an intense precursor on “Exposed,” as well as singles “What They Want” and “Losin Control.”

Going from nothing to something is rarely unheard of, but that’s what most people are desperately striving for sometimes. The industry is filled with a herd of clueless strays that merely chase checks and seek rapid results and that end up transforming their former vicarious dreams into reality.

Passion and pleasure can quickly turn into pain. Artists can forget their purpose in the limelight, and cease to retain their balance once the screws loosen. The pressure and external forces placed on these new aimless acts can make them steer away from the course, but that isn’t the case with Russ.

After putting in a lot of work throughout nine years, Russ gradually gained respect and mass appeal by detailing struggles in pursuit of happiness, ups-and-downs revolving around certain relationships and often losing oneself from time to time.

Grinding constantly and going through inconsistent ups-an-downs of approval for that long would take a tremendous toll on many, but he gradually kept making his way to the top instead of fading away down a slippery slope.

“Doors are opening that were previously locked. Treat this game like any other b****, I just need me the top! Always knew that I’d become what I’m becoming. Got one that’s got the movers and shakers all in discussion…”

He’s just a man who isn’t a narcissistic stakeholder. The fans, haters, and outlets help fuel the support, but he manifested everything on his own in order to get to this point.

Russ 2

Simultaneous praise ain’t sh*t to him. He’s the wolf; one that’s been able to figure out how to capitalize on peer weaknesses, survive in the hunt and build a foundation in a domineering manner, unlike countless others.

These are facts and the album title asserts an indisputable case that undertakes the position he’s willing to take in order to separate himself from the pack. All the general “finer things” in life don’t impress him and he’s not settling to remain content despite ending up where he wanted to be.

“Five star suites, Trojan wrappers on the floor. That’s the aesthetic when you gettin’ half a mil’ on tour. Not bad for six weeks, plus I should receive a plaque soon. Sh****n on the game, I’ll probably hang it in my bathroom.”

This sensational album is a work of art that represents a man that’s currently evolving as an actual visionary. It’s a biography for listeners about his life, and where he stands in the dense landscape of music today. His knack for exceptionally communicating depictions of reality and reason is what makes him stand out.

That talent has been there from the beginning, but everyone’s figured out that this is only the start of proficiency in the particular lane that he’s paving. He simply does it all (sings, raps, engineers, mixes, masters and produces everything).

All of that hard work he puts into his material is used to demonstrate why taking the long route of detachment turns ripe affairs to fruition one day. Everything’s imminent; that’s why he goes as the album goes. It’s like people are right there with him on songs such as: “I’m Here,” “Family & Friends,” “Everybody,” and “One More Shot.”

The attention to stick to personal relation makes this whole high-quality project ahead of the rest. He’s critically adapting of time while denoting the important things that allow him to keep his head above water.

Whoa, I don’t want a b****. I just wanna help the people that I came up with. That includes my family, that includes my friends. If you not with us, then don’t pretend.”

Russ 3

There are a lot of individuals that seem to put on a persona as a pivotal public figure, but there aren’t really any heroes anymore. It’s a “pics or it didn’t happen,” and boost up the pedigree by the numbers type of society now. Those people certainly talk the talk, but they can’t say that they’re walking the walk.

The path to indigenous success that Russ is experiencing could have easily bestowed negative repercussions along the way, but he was willing to make sacrifices that ordinary individuals can apply towards their own particular place in life.

He’s here to stay, and the unique presence… the introverted gift that’s always been carried in his soul operates the living legend’s willpower. A gritty attitude, personal commitment to remain real has cemented his status. It’s ironically safe to say that his foot is firmly stepping on the subordinate industry’s throat.

There’s Really A Wolf portrays an image of the battle being won, but Russ is out here to show everyone that war is still far from over yet.

Listen to There’s Really A Wolf below.

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