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"A thing of joy is a beauty forever."


The album Everybody is finally here, and its sole purpose is to help set “Everybody” free by escaping personal-solitary confinement. It might be the best project to emerge in 2017, finally propelling him to surface as one of the greatest ever.

Logic is one of the most conceptual artists of this generation. The name is perfectly suited for an individual that not only thinks outside the box but advocates positivity in ways that are conducted beyond strict principles of validity by walking in other people’s shoes.

His voice and delivery are far greater than any politically elected executive in the country. Those officials only exist to act, brainwash, and do everything in their power to confirm a non-realistic world that’s imaginarily suitable for potato heads. He’s America’s true pioneer, a true visionary that’s ben through it all and fosters influence that makes him one of the biggest public figures in the world.

“Because he was stripped and torn down by his black brothers and sisters that were uneducated. And that did not know. And he was stripped down by his white side that did not know… These people are ignorant, that cannot see the bigger picture. That must fight, and kill and murder each other. But once again, all he ever wanted to do was…”


Life’s weird, and some things simply cannot be explained. The government has issued new sets of policies that are implied to take the rights and necessary provision away from those that aren’t wealthy.

On the eve of the Everybody release, healthcare was reportedly stripped from an average of 24 million citizens in need of extensive maintenance for serious accommodations against injury or illness.

The evil residing on Capital Hill only sees things from two sides, no matter the issue.  We are all born and created equally, but the authority says F*** that. It is what it is, but there’s a plot twist to this story. There actually might be an ironic reason as to why God guided Logic to put out his album on May 5, 2017.

Logic 2

“You’re just a white boy, you aint never experience sh*t. You from Gathersburg, Maryland, nothing happens there. Oh no, no; we know, we weren’t there. We didn’t live with you. We didn’t live in your section-8-household. We didn’t live with the narcotics and violence in your household. We just saw it from the outside, outside, outside….

If today’s society is solely based off of a two-sided principle, then people are going to need somebody that comes from both sides. It’s going to have to take a human being that’s lived through possessive determiners, been placed among an uncertain classification and strives to advocate for permanent awareness to make sure things change.

Logic’s inevitable expression solidifies him as an advocate that departs from a traditional and arousing manner of the norm.

His activity on this album; and all of his previous material, is reminiscent to Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Blood Diamond. He’s the Christopher Columbus that students may never possess in their history textbooks. His work is something we haven’t seen since the Tha Carter III.

“I been in the cut. Liquor in my cup, .38 tucked, I don’t give f***. I don’t give a damn, I just wanna live. I just wanna eat. But I gotta do it for the hood. Do it for, for the street.

Uh, dope in the trunk, creeping out the cut, .9 in the gut. Never get enough, I don’t give a f***!!!


Everybody is raw, undisguised, strong, impactful and cutting-edge. Listeners are engaged whenever Hallelujah’s orchestra conducts and immediately lock-in through the usage of simultaneous sound chords and acoustic harmony. Very similar to the atmosphere people get from seizing the rhythm and moment from Lil Wayne’s Let the Beat Build.

The world hasn’t heard a straight-up PSA like Take it Back since Wayne took precious time to personally cuss out Al Sharpton and anyone else like him on DontGetIt. America; the collaborative track with Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lendo and No I.D. hasn’t indulged in recollections of past events since the Beastie Boys’ intergalactic style changed the game.

Logic 3


On Mos Definitely, he’s constantly urging people to fight; for their rights, for their lives, for their beliefs these days no matter what. He intrinsically makes simultaneous cultures feel great about themselves, and all the blessings they’re occasionally unaware of like J. Cole did on Love Yourz. (By the way, he includes an Illmatic recorded feature from Cole on the 2:55 of AfricAryan).

Drake, Big Sean, and Dave East aren’t the only ones that make the best interludes anymore. If people don’t understand their purpose or why things happen for a reason, then listen to Logic’s Waiting Room.

“I’m about to send you back to 1736 as Brian Fairfax. The 8th Lord Fairfax of Camelot. – God

Word? Ayeee that sounds important! – Adam

Oh yes, you own 40,000 acres. – God

God Damn! Oh, I’m sorry. – Adam

(Haha) It’s quite alright. – God

Well, at least I’m not poor no mo’ – Adam

Well sure, with all that land you and the hundreds of slaves you own… – God

Slaves! Ah hell nah! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. How you gon’ take a black man, send him back in time and now I gotta own slaves?… No that does not make me feel better at all… Wait hol up, hol up, hol up, I just realized you said you’re gonna send me back in time?” – Adam

The creative theatrical intervening periods of time are practical conversations between God and Adam. Adam finds out that God not only made him a present-day black man but a representation of humanity. Good or Evil, Adam is an extension of Everybody. It’s a complex lesson about how precious life truly is: the human race, the universe and the grand meaning of life.

The “Waiting Room,’ is Adam’s particular universe. It’s a pinpoint juxtaposition about how people ask “Why?” The desperation leading them to come to God for the answers; but their contrasting effort in the “Waiting Room,” should be used to fuel knowledge in order to grow and mature into the ultimate being.

Logic 4


“We will rejoice in this gift that is life. We will rejoice in this day that we have been given. We will accept our anxiety and strive for the betterment of ourselves. Starting with mental health. We will accept ourselves as we are. And we will be happy with the person in the mirror. we will accept ourselves, and live with anxiety.”

In December 2016, New York Times contributor Richard A. Freeman stated, that pre-existing mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia are present by age 25. He also noted that 43.6 million American adults live with psychiatric illness and 16.3 million use alcohol as a disorder (that’s not even counting those that tamper with drugs). This is an enormous issue. People are dealing with so much stress day-in/day-out, and it’s taking a toll on their mental well-being.

The previous passage was taken from the song “Anxiety (ft. Lucy Rose).” Its objective is to assist his message as a lending hand for people to grasp, and persevere through all the unbalances taking place in their lives.

Logic 5


Everybody has their own story, their own background, and their own issues… and they’re overwhelming at times. However, he writes his verses for Everybody willing to strive for the betterment of themselves. Idiopathic events variously occur, and we don’t know why. Those negatives trajectories aren’t L’s on a win-loss column, they’re familiarity lessons deployed to carry on over time.

He lives for this s***, and the music is the energy people can vouch his respect for.

In the end, Logic’s all about making sure his platform is utilized to make sure Everybody comes together in order to manifest the Waiting Room. Hatred, social perceptions, and dishonesty are road blocks till your six feet under. His obligation is to keep Everybody strolling down the highway, towards a lifetime of fulfillment.


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