Fresh Take

Immaculate Conception

Quantity has surpassed quality.

“So, I was taking a walk the other day…”

Scientists believe that the slightest wrong bit in a code of DNA. can have drastic consequences, such as a genetic anomaly. Today, the music industry has dwarfed its very own BLOOD. and hip hop towards an unconventional state.

Quantity has surpassed quality.

There are so many artists riding on a particular wave nowadays, but there aren’t many willing to exist on an island. Everything seems to sound the same. Flows are replicated, beats sound similar and the charts are filled with so many casts away one-hit wonders.

YAH. A lot of negativity in the world is drifting society towards a path of disarray. This Generation desperately needs a brave disciple that’s willing to move people towards the right direction.

Thankfully, a foundation has been set by an entity that continues to objectively strive away from the norm in order to have an effect on the character, culture, development, or behavior of The People.

“Because it’s all in your eyes, most of y’all tell lies. Most of y’all don’t fade, most of y’all been advertised. Last LP I tried to lift a black artist, but there’s a difference ‘tween black artists and whack artists.”

Top Dawg Entertainment’s principal player has continued to bless everyone’s soul since 2010. Kendrick Lamar is the BEST because he always strives to invoke divine favor upon the ears of human beings with his music.

He’s one of the world’s greatest influencers because he’s able to simply reach the hearts of many in ways that others cannot even comprehend. His projects are classics, and that remains evident with the recent release of the highly acclaimed album DAMN.

The 14 track LP is obviously #1 for a reason and it was something that everyone has been relying on to defrost from an unpleasant winter, in order to feel unrestrained before the summer.

Constructing the project took him awhile, and that might have been a good thing with regards to many artists releasing subpar material in the beginning of the year. His album is on another level because it’s an extension of a journey he’s taking into to aim the minds of people towards another ELEMENT.

“Maybe it’s too late for him. I FEEL. like the whole world want me to pray for ’em, but who the f*** prayin’ for me?

The compassionate messages throughout DAMN. reach broad audiences because they’re a realistic correlation towards what goes on in an individual’s everyday life. Assists from professionals such as 9th Wonder, Bekon, Rihanna, DJ Dahi, Mike WiLL Made-It, Zacari, James Blake, Thundercat, Kid Capri and other contributors services support the far-reaching effects. Those collective services help listeners receive pieces of  Kendrick’s present conditions: psychologically, physiologically and spiritually.


Life isn’t perfect for anyone, and he still perceives the struggle just like everybody else. The song titles are all listed in bold capital letters because they’re themes that stimulate a relation to the masses. Present confrontations about remaining optimistic instead of pessimistic in today’s culture are things that prevent people from staying the course.

“Everything I do is to embrace y’all. Everything I touch is a damn eight ball. Everything I touch is a damn goldmine. Everything I say comes from a angel.”

Every track is it’s own stage and goes through certain unique phases. For example, on XXX. the song takes people on a roller coaster and wild ride sequence. It starts out with a PSA, followed by a grimy verse, then transitions towards a hardcore set Feat. U2 and finally ends with instructional imagery about America’s curse. His progression has clearly reached another threshold, and the lyrical content layered throughout these stories makes takes his legacy to another level.

DUCKWORTH. is the final track and contains an important concept that’s hidden underneath three tempos. The story is about how K. Dot’s father kept Anthony Tiffith (TDE’s CEO) from committing a robbery at KFC and ultimately killing him. It’s ironic because that insane incident shows how small the world can be, and history would easily be altered.

“Then you start remindin’ them about the chicken incident. Whoever the thought the greatest rapper would be from coincidence? Because if Anthony killed Ducky, Top Dawg would be servin’ life. While I grew up without a father, and die in a gunfight.”

The communication is real, straightforward, and he’s merely stating real facts about his journey that ordinary individuals can be mindful of to consider during their pursuit of their own lifestyles.

After the breathtaking performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival; thousands left crying, feeling rejuvenated, amazed and ecstatic because he’s back once again. K. Dot consistently demonstrates his LOYALTY. and exhibits attitudes that reside in every human beings daily conquest of life. His voice is fighting uncomfortable circumstances, and relishing the power to represent for The People.

His PRIDE. won’t allow him to mask a fake façade or acceptable perception.

If you’re aimlessly acting uncharacteristically and causes your heart rate to race like a junky. Pause and sit down… B****, be HUMBLE.

Resist the temptations of LUST. They can consume the mind of its thoughts persisting towards sexual desire.

LOVE. is deep, and the intensity either carries out a lifetime of affection with a partner or drives one insane towards the brink of imaginary infatuation.

Your biggest FEAR. will always lurk in the shadows if you allow that unpleasant threat to remain evident in your life.

But that’s okay. Just smile, stand tall and flex on swole like “Ah ha!” Understand that… This what GOD. feel like.

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