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Watch Nas Perform “Hate Me Now” w/ The Soul Rebels in Australia

It's the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, but watch Nas slay this song with some help from his friends.

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the legendary Nas album Illmatic. To celebrate he is doing something he is no stranger to. He has been performing at live shows with full bands for a while now, he even celebrated the 20th anniversary of Illmatic by performing live with The National Symphony Orchestra. He took to the stage recently in the land down under and performed “Hate Me Now,” off of his album I Am, with The Soul Rebels, who have been backing him for a little while now. The performance includes that amazing full brass sound, which otherwise would leave the song incomplete.

Nas and The Soul Rebels will meet again soon in The Soul Rebel’s area code as they will be performing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. I hope they keep on performing and maybe even record some music together as nothing truly beats cool chemistry and big band feels.

Watch Nas and The Soul Rebels perform “Hate Me Now” below.

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