Listen to Sampha’s Smooth Cover of Drake’s “Controlla”

You can’t stop Sampha and Drake when they make music together. Every time is just pure fire. I can’t get over “The Motion” and “Too Much”, which were both standouts on Nothing Was The Same. The flames will just keep getting hotter too. After being featured on More Life, on the song “4422” where he held the heart hostage with his solo, Sampha took to the BBC Radio 1 studios to steal the spotlight just a little more.

About 2 hours and 14 minutes into the show, Sampha begins to play his stripped down, piano-heavy jazzy instant classic version of Drake’s “Controlla”. It smooth and radiates soul and emotion. It’s weird thinking that somebody can out-emotion Drake, right? The emotions that come over you when listening to Sampha are all too real and too sweet. They are genuine.

Listen to Sampha’s cover of “Controlla” here. Skip ahead 2 hours and 14 minutes to find it.

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