To the Light – A.CHAL

To the Light – A.CHAL

The man has returned! Dropping his first single of 2017 and first since dropping his debut album, Welcome to Gazi. This song reminds me of the bounce that his first track “Gazi” had when it was released. The vast power of 808’s and guitar loops is on full display in this track. The dude from Peru credits self-love and his purpose as his main muses for song-writing.

The song starts off to the point and uses repetition to let you know where young Alejandro Chal is heading. To that mother fucking light bitches. It’s nice to hear an artist say “fuck the money” instead of talking about how much cash flow they got going. Focused on providing for his family and smoking until his eyes are bloodshot, he isn’t worried about the glitz and glamor that can fade. Be true to who you are and you’ll always be a rockstar, a lot of these artists lose that mindset along the road of success.

His purpose has never been in doubt, gaining early co-signs from celebrities such as ASAP Rocky and Zane Lowe. We are left wondering one question now: When is the next album gonna drop? ‘Cause I’m ready for some more full servings of freshness.

Listen to “To the Light” by A.CHAL below.


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